"A terrifying but hilarious story of true British grit and eccentricity... An emotional rollercoaster of fear and farce"
Daily Mail

"An amazing story, well-told, thrilling and moving... kidnapped by terrorists, held hostage at gunpoint, in fear of being beheaded... A mixture of hell and farce"
The Times

"Part adventure story, part travel memoir, part personal revelation, The Cloud Garden is one of the most exciting and interesting books I have read for years"
Sunday Telegraph

"Funny, engrossing and moving… Throughout the dark days, the luminous personalities of Hart Dyke and Winder shine through"


5 stars
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"Clearly, surviving a nine-month jungle kidnapping requires courage and endurance. But Hart Dyke and Winder came equipped with something else in addition: pluck. It's that quality, crackling on every page, that makes The Cloud Garden one of the strangest and most satisfying adventure reads in recent memory" -- Men's Journal magazine

"Written with humor and suspense, this is a vivid account of [Dyke's and Winder's] nine-month ordeal. Dual first-person viewpoints are seamlessly spliced together, and the format provides a prismatic presentation of contrasting attitudes, allowing each author to comment on the other." -- Publishers Weekly

"Told in alternating voices (which works surprisingly well), this is a well-written adventure story filled with intrigue and hope." -- Library Journal

"Readers will find themselves turning pages and delaying dinner while Winder and Dyke slowly blossom into the heroes of their own misguided adventure." -- BookPage