Paul Winder and Tom Hart Dyke at Kew Gardens.

Paul Winder at Pallenque, Mexico. © Paul Winder.

Rio Turia, the Darien Gap. © James Spring.

Close to ambush site, Payita.

© James Spring.

Typical jungle wear, though in different surroundings. Safe at home.

© Paul Winder.

Kuna family, Paya. © James Spring.

Encyclia cochleata, some were seen orchid hunting at Cloudy Base. © Tom Hart Dyke.

Paph bellatulum. © Tom Hart Dyke.

Chess set carved from forest litter during kidnap. © Paul Winder.

Chess set and card set together. © Paul Winder.

Orginal Lonelyplanet map with possible ways through the Darien sketched on.

Fight through this for nine months. © James Spring.

Missing poster handed out during search. © Paul Winder.

Having breakfast with Chris Wigginton & Johnny Welsh at the British residense Bogota post release. © Paul Winder.

Winder family reunited, Gatwick airport © PA.

Lullingston Castle post release with friend James Spring (middle). © Paul Winder.