This is the latest cover from 2007 ish. It is a long time ago now, ten years on roughly!! The picture was taken at Kew Gardens which was a fun day out and as usual a good laugh with Tom about.






This is the orginal paper back cover issued in Febrary 2004. I like it and it captures the travelling and backpacker element to the adventure.







Thanks to more luck there was a bit of interest from abroad for the story. Here is the cover of the hardback published in the States. It was also published in Czech. But the big question is will it ever be published in Spanish and distributed in Colombia!?






This is a cracker of a cover and the first one when the hardback was published in March 2003. It captures the danger, the jungle, the adventure and the orchid coming out of the barrel caps it all!!







Will there be more!? Well none are planned at the moment though the book has been optioned for a movie.

Currently Morphe films are making excellent progress getting all the right ingredients together to make a movie of the epic story.